Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Celtic Autumn

Week 7

I decided to work on the emblems 1 week and the lady the next, I don't think the emblems will take long, I have the one on the left to finish and then a part one and that side is stitched :)

I love thread heaven! It has made the Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid bearable to work with :) YAY!!

As to the big move.... it looks like it might be all go!! Hubby is talking to his boss on Thursday and wants to go and visit our pastor and pray together about it, but he is pretty sure it is the right thing to do!

We were talking about it yesterday morning and I said so the end of the year then? And he said..... whats wrong with the beginning?!! So at this stage it is looking like February sometime and we are thinking probably Victoria, we would like somewhere within 2 hours drive of the international airport for the kids to travel to see their Dad in the holidays :D

Its quite exciting!!

A couple of questions for my Aussie friends....... How much is framing and how cheap can you get DMC??? LOL

An update of Pearlie tomorrow *fingers crossed*

*hugs to you all*



Anonymous said...

Round here DMC is about 97c from Spotlight or Lincraft. No idea on framing, the only pieces I've framed since I've been back I've done myself.

Laural said...

Wow that is so exciting for you and your family!!

Mel said...

QLD sounds great. I can't tell you about the DMC price as where I am is classed as country and I usually pay $2 a skein. When I need DMC I usually get it from dragonfly dreams online. I wait until I need about 10 or so. It works out cheaper. I only get them here if I absolutely have to.
I can travel about an hour to get DMC at $1 but its usually not worth it. I can't help you with framing either. I've never gotten anything professionally framed.

Mel said...

Oh, and Celtic Autumn is looking awesome

AnneS said...

Oh b*gger ... here I am heading off to Sydney in two weeks time, and you're moving to Victoria ... bah humbug!! :( Seriously, though, good luck with the move! :D

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