Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh Wow!!

Gill has awarded me with the 'You make me smile' award...thanks Gill!!! WOW!! I have never won an award before!! According to Gill's blog I am supposed to award it to 10 more people. Thats a hard one!

But after much thought these are my picks

Gill at Chewed Away

Anne at Feather Stitching

Leslie at Leslie's Cross Stitch Heaven

Karen at Little Cat Blogs

Mel at Mel's Blog

Noreen at Needle Caboodle

Maggie at Stitchcats Thread Garden

Lynn at Oh Waily Waily

Kathy at Kathy's kreations

Michelle at Ozarks sew n' sews

If I didn't pick you please don't feel bad, I had a lot to choose from :D



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Andie,

Thanks for the award! My first ever.
I just say the Cirque de Cercles that you are stitching - it's gorgeous.
Can you tell me who the designer is?

Anyway, I hope you are feeling well and looking forward to your new arrival. It's not long to go now. :)

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