Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week 9

Hi everyone :)

Hope you are all well! I am feeling lots better!! I finally got a pretty decent nights sleep yay! Spent most of it coughing, but at least the reflux thing didn't appear!! YAY! lol

Here is Celtic Autumn Week 9, she is beautiful and I love the colours in her!!

I have a midwife appointment this morning, I'm hoping the baby has turned :) I don't want another ceaserean, but in reality a healthy baby is all that matters.

Chiloe thanks for stopping by :) As to your question, I used a DMC conversion for xmas elf fairy, it does still have pinkish in the skirt but my photo was a bit dark :)

As to the move to Australia.... it looks like we will wait until the end of next year, which I am very happy about :) I was starting to freak out about a new baby, trying to pack and sell a house etc, I am sure it is possible but I'm glad I don't have to try and organize it now :)




Little Cat said...

She's beautiful! I love the colours and you've got such a long way in just 9 weeks.

Can't wait to work some more on her myself.

Chiloe said...

I love the colors too!!! I want to do it with the same colors;)Can't wait to see your next pic!

I got 3 C-section ... Never liked it !lol

Mel said...

wow, your coming along with CA. She looks lovely.
I am glad you got some sleep.

Joei said...

Beautiful, the colors are so amazing!!

Jenny said...

Love your Celtic Autumn, and your CDC is coming along great too! :)

Rachael said...

Wow I love Celtic Autumn ,looks stunning, It would be easier to move when yo have had baby,I moved when 6 months pregnant! never again!!I couldn't help much!Everything was too heavy!

Laural said...

CA is just stunning! I'm glad that you wont have to deal with the stress of moving with a new baby.

Ruth said...

Your Celtic Autumn is stunning. You've caused me to have overwhelming urges to haul my little collection of the Celtic seasons out and contemplate starting one. Sigh. Just what i needed, another start!

Sari said...

She is really gorgeous! Those Celtic seasons are so nice.

sugardoll said...

Very nice progress girl. So has the baby turned?? I hope you both are doing great!