Tuesday, January 01, 2008

25 project failure

Oh well...... I just knew a bargain would come along that I couldn't resist!!

A lady on Trademe was selling some patterns, all brand new and unopened! Mira LE kits......NZ$12.50!!! Mira and PR patterns.... NZ$5.00!!! So I think I will copy Mel and just have a 10 project goal list!!

I am bad!!! But I don't regret it!! I will post a picture when it all arrives :D

Still no stitching updates.... LOL Been shopping instead LOL

So I will leave you with another picture of Bethany at 12 days old :)




Anonymous said...

Well, at least you can start the new year out with some lovely purchases!

Also wanted to say congrats on the baby-she is beautiful!

Kathryn in NZ said...

Ohh, she is still the most precious thing!
And yay for bargain charts :)

Floss said...

Oh she's gorgeous! Happy New Year from ChCh and good luck with all your stitching plans.

Mel said...

It's so hard when you see bargains on ebay or if theres a sale not to buy.
Another gorgeous pic of Bethany!

Joei said...

Bethany is so cute!

Yay for the great buys.

sugardoll said...

Awesome stash haul. And what a cutie...*^-^*

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