Tuesday, January 08, 2008

An update

Gosh I am so unoriginal in my titles :D

Here is my stash haul!! I got tons of patterns as you can see!!

And what would a post be these days without a picture of Miss Bethany?! She is 3 weeks old today! My goodness time is just flying by! Her weight today is 8 pounds 10. She discovered her thumb and finger today and I couldn't resist taking this photo, it looked so cute :) Isn't she turning into a chubby wee thing?!

I have an update for Celtic Autumn, just need to take a picture, I also have to post the picture for the RR I just worked on :) Next I get Gill's The Night and then my 3 for Tea will be home! I can't wait to get it back!! I have missed it! Funny that isn't it! LOL So will post more soon :)




Mel said...

You got quite a stash haul there. And another great pic of Bethany, she sure is getting bigger

Chiloe said...

I own some of the same stash!!! I love your choices !!! And you always choose the right fabric for each chart you stitch.

Bethany is sooooooooo cute !!! How do you manage 5 kids: you are not too tired? do you have help at home?

Kristin Stitches said...

Oh my! That stash haul makes me want to shop!! I have to be good, my 50 project challenge and deal with Alan lurks over my head, I will prove him wrong. I will keep to the deal(repeat, repeat)!!!

Bethany is soooo cute. Enjoy these little moments they go by so fast!!!

sugardoll said...

I need to wipe my drool brb! LOL

Love all your patterns. Who the hell would decide to sell them for cheap? hehehe You lucky thing!!!

I love Bethany's picture, I sure do remember those days. They are quite surprising, when for weeks they just flail their arms like it doesn't exist heheh. So adorable.

Marie said...

your baby is adorable !!!!

i have only some of the Mirabilia charts.. i don't like those passione ricamo fairies... i prefer the old P.ricamo designs (the victorian ones).

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