Monday, February 18, 2008

Am taking

the rest of the month off my sal's

Next month we are turning our two sal's Celtic Autumn and Fairy Moon both into week long sal's so I have decided to take the rest of this month off them and concentrate on my competition entries and the last of the UFO RR's

In March I plan to....

Week 1 - Celtic Autumn sal
Week 2 - Fairy Moon sal
Week 3 till end of month competition stitching and Paula's ufo when it arrives

In April

Week 1 - Celtic sal
Week 2 - Fairy Moon sal
Week 3 - Novey
Week 4 - Boo
Last few days of month continue on with Boo or else work on gifts

Please note.... these goals/plans are so I remember, sorry that they are a bit boring for you all :)



1 comment:

Chiloe said...

Are you really going to resist not stitching Isabella? :)

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