Friday, February 15, 2008

Great Mail day :)

I had some lovely things arrive in the mail today :)

The lovely Noreen sent me a beautiful gift for Bethany :) Thanks Noreen!! I especially love the wee shoes and clips!

I am a member of the Enchanted Fabrics Enchanted Delights program, I only get a small cut (15x18) of Monaco (so really cheap even on a tight budget) and today I received a piece of Amethyst Daze, it is really pretty!

This is a really good program for me, as 1. Its cheap 2. I really like stitching on the Monaco (thanks Noreen) 3. I tend to buy large pieces and do large projects, so these sizes are great for slightly smaller ones :) 4. I get to see the colours for bigger projects lol

Enchanted Fabrics also have some lovely colours, I am stitching Fairy Moon and Isabellas Garden on their colours, the Monaco is an evenweave but the colours are glorious!

Also in the mail today I received the pattern Stargazer, in a swap with a TM friend, thanks Lynne, its awesome and I am already dreaming on fabrics LOL

I bought some little outfits on TM for Bethany and they arrived today as well and are lovely, I love Pumpkin Patch outifits but can't justify the cost, half the time they cost more than my clothes lol, so on sale or 2nd hand is the way to go lol

In answer to your previously asked Questions

Kathryn said In response to Fairy Roses Why do you ask when you know we're all just going to say DO IT? The answer Kathryn is...... I'm hoping you will talk me out of it LOL

Chiloe asked What about a sixth one? lol How do you manage 5 kids and a passion for cross stitching? when do you have time to stitch? LOL I doubt there will be a number 6, and I don't get much stitching time now lol, although the older kids are great and give me some peace occasionally LOL, I usually stitch in the evenings.

I would also like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Chiloe, who was a finalist in the silkweaver showcase! Awesome!!




sugardoll said...

Hi Andie,

I am so glad the package arrived. I had my parents mailed it for me as Connor got very sick during our trip so i stayed home with him most days.

The new fabric is so pretty. I missed my FOTM's but i can't yet resume, we're broke! ack!

I am so happy you like my little gift for Bethany.

Happy Valentines Day!

Mel said...

I love the fabric, very pretty.
I am going to be doing a FOTM again soon, just have to decide who to go with.

Chiloe said...

I stitch also mainly on the evening too.

Great mail ;-) I love your fabric. YOu always make the right choice for your piece !!! I just got Isabella's garden and need to choose the right fabric for her.

Katryn is right: nobody will tell you: don't do the fairy rose !!! lol because we can barely control oursemf !!! lol

Kathryn in NZ said...

LOL - I collect porcelain dolls (although not lately due to stash shopping instead...) and I'd go to a doll show and see a doll that I'd want to buy. So I call DH and say "just say no,ok" so he (knowing where I am and in possession of a credet card) says "no, honey" and so I don't.
YOu have to word the question the right way to get the answer you want! teehee

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