Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bottle Feeding

Okay I am really freaking out about this now... before this information was released about bad plastic bottles I was trying to get some glass bottles to use for Bethany. I had just put an order in with an online baby company in NZ. Now that place has none available and the only other places that I can find are all sold out. Bethany needs new bottles as hers leak but I don't want to go and get something that is going to be really bad for her.... and what about her dummy! Am I poisioning my sweet baby?! I am seriously considering attempting to relactate, if she would take the breast now that is, she has started on solids (just) and loves it, she is a little piggy :) So I wouldn't have the same problem with her always being hungry.... maybe I should try and latch her on and then go and see the doctor for some medication if she will go on... maybe I should wait til my sweet husband gets home before I make important decisions... being anzac weekend I couldn't go to the doctor til Monday anyway... maybe this is something that needs a bit of prayer too.

Thanks for listening to my ravings once again!




Mel said...

Andie, I have some glass baby bottles. When I was pregnant I bought them thinking they would be better than plastic. Email me if you would like them. I think I have 3. I will check. They have never been used.

Chiloe said...

That's a great idea from Mel ;) Maybe the company you have ordered from is just in back order and will ship them to you as soon as they get them. I'm sure they will work hard to get some bottles fast especially if everybody wants some now ;)

Anyway, glass is better for everything: food storing, water filters but much more expensive too ...

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