Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fairy Moon week2

Here is Fairy Moon :) Gosh she is hard to work on. The fabrics huge! The blends.... arggghhh!! LOL But she will be worth it.

Lynne asked for a picture of my Spring Queen wip. Now this is a really old wip. I was worried about the fabric being wide enough and am now sure it is fine :D I want to get back to her as well :) I only spent one 10 hour slot on her :)

Hope you are all well!

School holidays for the next 2 weeks so might not be in so much :)




Mel said...

Fairy moon is looking great. Those blends are a killer.
What fabby is Spring Queen being stitched on?

Chiloe said...

Must be hard to work on that fabric but I admire you a lot when I see your progress !!!

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