Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ms Bling

(picture is clickable)

Novembers Topas Fairy
Started November 07 Finished April 08
Stitched on SMF 32ct Belfast Daybreak

I tried so many ways to get the fabric colour accurate but this was the best I could do :(

I finished her this morning, she was surprisingly easy to bead, apart from the treasures there was only 1 colour of bead really :)

Thanks for looking!




Mel said...

Oh wow, your finished. She is awesome! You have done such a great job, she is really beautiful!
I am definitely going to have to start her very soon. I've get everything for her but the sparklies and I have the perfect fabby for her.
Congratulations on another finish, beautiful!!!!!!!!!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Wow! She is beautiful!

Chiloe said...

It's so beautiful !!! Congratulation on your finish ;-) I enjoy so much looking at your stitching ;-) SO what's next?

Sari said...

She is gorgeous!! Congratulations!

~Tammy said...

She is stunning! Congratulations on such a gorgeous finish.

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