Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I hate Dawn (the fairy)

Its official!!! She drives me NUTS!!!

Can you tell we just worked on her for the Enchanted Fabrics sal??

I'll post a hardly any progress picture later :)

Rightio... rotation change... again! LOL I looked at my wip's last night and put everything away... nothing on my stand, nothing ready to put on it..... just nothing! Blah! I think Dawn did it actually. So....
Week 1 Celtic sal
Week 2 Fairy Moon
Week 3 CDC then Wade's Tiger then Lilly for Tarissa's birthday
Week 4 til the end of the month is going to be 10 hour slot rotations on my wips and others that I am hanging out to start... I even put Boo in here. I am considering having a focus piece to stitch every 2nd 10hour slot, if I do it will be Boo to start with. I so want to get it finished.

I have a lot of wip's for this 10 hour slot, but I always used to do a 10 hour slot and usually stuck to it, once Fairy Moon is done I will move birthday and other people stitching toweek 2 slot and then have half the month as 10 hour rotations.

Gosh you guys must be sick of my rotation changes lol :D



1 comment:

Ginnie said...

I have just viewed your "finished" slide show.... you have done some very lovely stuff.
I think I need to work on my rotation! I don't really have a firm plan, I just stitch here, there and everywhere!!

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