Sunday, June 22, 2008

A pressie and CDC

My lovely friend Kristin sent me this lovely present for my birthday

I have been so spoilt this birthday! Thankyou all so much!!

Here is my update on CDC

Only a page and about 2/3rds left to go!! Yay!! Two more rounds and I should be done!! Maybe only one?!!

I am gonna have to squeeze my rotation and fit in another project, Wade's birthday is in September and I have barely started his tiger (his request for his birthday)



p.s Bethany still has a cold poor wee girl, I'm not getting much sleep and nor is Mike but we are coping... just! Don't know how Mike goes to work each day!


vEr0n!c@ said...

Lovely birthday stash! And great progress on CDC.

Hope Bethany feels better soon.{{{{{Hugz}}}}}

Chiloe said...

It's funny how CDC is so much not you at all !!! lol It's beautiful though ;)

Nice birthday gifts Andie ;)

Kathryn in NZ said...

It's coming along so well and looking sooo fabulous!!

Changes in taste: I'm simply happy that the things in my stash for ages are things I still like!
But I do like that one - it's soothingly simple and sincere, if that makes sense?

Mel said...

Your almost done, CDC looks amazing.
Love the stash that Kristen got for your birthday. The fabbie is lovely.
I hope Bethany feels better soon and you both can get some sleep

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