Thursday, June 05, 2008

The reappearance of Dawn

On the Enchanted Fabrics board we realized that a few of us had Dawn as a wip and quite a few of us had stalled on her.

So we decided to squeeze her into our rotations for 2 days a month. Yesterday was our first sal day and here is how she looks now :)

Our next Dawn sal day is June the 16th so if you too have stalled on Dawn and need some motivation, come on over and join us. (I'm talking to you Kristin! LOL)

This week is actually Celtic Springs week and I will have a first picture for you later this week :)

Mike and I are going away for the weekend with Bethany to Hampden again. It will be a lovely peaceful time :)




Anonymous said...

I might just join you - I've stalled on her too!

Enjoy your trip!

Mel said...

Lovely! I've always wanted to start her

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