Wednesday, July 09, 2008


RoS (she is my focus)

July 9th 08

and my part in my latest UFO WW RR

There was nothing started in this piece so I all the stitching is mine so far :)

Susan H's RR (June 08 RR)

Have fallen in love with this Chatelaine

My Secret Victorian Garden

Thanks to whomever stitched this piece.

Mike loves this one too :) So I am saving my pennies for when it is released as a chart pack.




Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh wowie! such lovely stitching!

Chiloe said...

It's such a pleasure to follow your progress!!! all you show us is always so beautiful: you are one of my favorite blog ;-)

sugardoll said...

Rose of Sharon is so fiery! I love how she is in reds.

Eww you and your chatelaines LOL. j/k! That's too much work girl. =P

Miss yah!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Sharon is looking fantastic and I just love your rr stitching. That is so pretty.

That chatalaine looks sooo complicated.

Barb said...

She is going to be beautiful when done. I love the heart piece, so pretty. Good look on the Chatalaine piece.

Ruth said...

why, oh why did you have to show that Victorian Garden Chatelaine. Dang it. I have three waiting to start. I do NOT need another one. I do NOT. Dang you! You just had to show that picture. Sheesh. How am I supposed to avoid temptation like this. :)

Aside from tempting me, I'd like to thank you for sharing pics of all your beautiful stitching.

Kristin Stitches said...

I love this conversion. She is waiting in the wings for me to start! My 50 project challenge is so that I can get Celtic Garden! Alan may just get the pattern for me for my birthday. I don't think I will hit 25 finishes by the end of the year!

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