Tuesday, September 09, 2008

As a treat for you....


So whats wrong with sharing my food with my face?!


Wades Tiger

7th September 08

Its a bit washed out.

My The Teacher as I am sending on the world wide ufo round robin

My The Teacher as she will go

Thanks for stopping by :D




Chiloe said...

What a sweetie :-D She's too cute. Is the teacher your own UFO? The tiger seems like a lot of works !!! I couldn't imagine stitching only that one for example.

sugardoll said...

Ohh beth is soooo darling!!! Can i keep her? That way i would not need to work hard to have a girl baby? LOL Can i bite her cheeks? Can i pinch her face? pleaseee!!

I would never thought I will see The Teacher on here, is that yours or just stitching it for someone? There is a little girl hiding uner her dress you know LOL

nice progress on tiger. You know I have severed ties with a couple of high school friends just this week, they told me the tiger in the US looks like me hahah, so what? Atleast unlike them I dont look like a baboon!!!

Mel said...

Wades tiger looks great, what fabby is that? I love the colours.
Bethany looks adorable as always. Such a cute expression

Me said...

Bethany is such an adorable baby!

It's going to be a looooong time but I can't wait to work on your teacher!

Rachel said...

Awwww, Bethany is so cute!! I just want to pick her up and give her a great big hug!

You have made huge progress on Wade's Tiger! I am impressed, I really love the colors.

Is The Teacher yours? I really like this piece and would like to stitch it myself someday.

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