Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Starting the project challenge again

hoping it will help me not to spend lol

So 10 projects is my choice this time :D

1: Lilly
2. xmas Ornie exchange
3. Ornie gift
4. Celtic Spring
5. Fairy Moon
6. Wades Tiger
7. Tiger Lilly
8. For this Child
9. Generosity
10. ?

Exceptions: beads or fibres to complete a design

Wish me luck :D

In other news, Mike has applied for a few adult apprenticeships so a move might be in the future... it might not too but.... just thought I would mention it :D I don't mind moving, in fact one of the places that is a possibility I have a lovely online friend in so that would be wonderful. As usual I worry about moving the kids schools. But there is really no need to even be thinking about it just yet.




Mel said...

Good luck with the challenge!
Will you be moving very far away?

StitchCat said...

OOOhhh a move might be eminent LOL. Kids are pretty resilient when moving...sometimes its easier for them than for us.
Maggie xx

sugardoll said...

Okay, I don't know what is going on with you and this wips and now a challenge! LOL

What is this "for this child?" I'm curious. =) Where can i see a pic?

Good luck on the challenge. about the comment LOL

Lisa said...

Yes I like a bit of change now and then and moving would be exciting of course I don't have a family to consider :)

If you are ever ever up in Auckland (even for a holiday) that would be awesome and we must get together!

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