Monday, October 06, 2008

A dilemma

okay I have the flu and I'm miserable. I have done hardly any stitching on poor old Celtic Spring so I thought I would find "the" perfect fabric for Morning Glory, so I pulled the threads and I tossed and I tossed and I tossed! And NOTHING looks right! Does anyone have any opinions on a good fabric for her? I would love to hear them :D




Mel said...

I saw her stitched on PTP Echo linen. It's a darker colour but I love how she looks.

I have a peice of SMF Opal Moonrise that I think she would look lovely on.

Or maybe a light blue, sky effect kind of fabric.

I hope you feel better soon

Tanja said...

Hope you will feel better soon, it's no fun being sick!


Rachel said...

I hope you get better soon! We can't have you not stitching!!!

I don't really have any recommendations for you, I like her on the white, lol! I think she might look ok on a light green too, very pale green. But, I have a think for green (and purple, lol).

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

So sorry about the flu! You have my perpetual problem, Andie. I can never figure out which material to use! If only I were close to a shop, I could try lots of fabbies... Have you tried Chatelaine's fabric tryout online? That place has lots of companies' fabrics and you can put your chart on the fabrics to try them out.

Tracy said...

Sorry you have the flu!

I usually use white or off white linen for my projects.

I hope you feel better!

StitchCat said...

Hope you feel better soon Andie. I think a pale lavender fabric would look really nice for morning glory. Actually if I was going to stitch her, thats the colour I would go for.
Maggie xx

sugardoll said...

((hugs)) Hope you get better soon my dear!!!

I don't know what to suggest about MG. She is not one i have looked into stitching yet. She is mostly white right? Maybe something dark would work..Good luck!

Mel in Dubai said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well :( Hope you get better soon!

Barb said...

Hope you get to feeling better. I saw it done on hand dyed linen one time and it was beautiful. But I don't remember what linen it was.

kiwiflowa said...

I have no suggestions for fabric... I'm terrible at choosing fabric.

I hope you are feeling better after the flu! I had it myself last week and it knocked me sideways for practically a week!

I hope you are bundled up warm down South!

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