Sunday, October 19, 2008

OUCH!! (random life stuff)

I have a big bruise on my arm from my pregnancy blood test the other day. I knew I would have. The needle hurt when it went in, it hurt all the time it was in and everytime the vial was changed for a new one it hurt too!

Another ouch. I was looking online for a pressie for a friends upcoming birthday.... its always been cheaper to buy in the US.... well not anymore! Its only a few $ more to buy it from here now! That sad! Its a good thing I'm behaving with stash buying!!

My flu is starting to go away. I am on antibiotics and actually managed to sleep in our bed last night. I woke up at least 4 times having a coughing fit, but at least it wasn't constant coughing. It was so nice to be able to cuddle Mike again!

The morning sickness seems to be gone again. I'm thinking maybe the baby is a boy (but don't quote me on that I'm normally wrong lol) cause I was the same with Wade, just randomly ill. I'm hoping all is well with the baby, with me having been sick and before I took a test "just in case" cause I was paranoid I had taken medication for a day and a half for this flu. So I have been praying quite a lot that it wasn't enough to damage baby. So if your the praying kind I would appreciate your prayers too :D

Everyone is at church this morning, I'm home with Bethany, although I am feeling much better I don't want to risk giving this yucky flu to any of the older members of our congregation. So Bethany is home too. Her Daddy is too chicken to take her out on his own lol

Well thats all from me in my random update.

I hope everyone else is great!

*big hugs*



loulee1 said...

Your baby will be fine, a flu remedy will do no harm.
So good to hear you are feeling better though.

Rachel said...

I was in a car accident when I found out I was pg with my first (what a way to find out!) I envy you on the morning sickness youve had. Mine was 24/7 with both. In fact thats how I knew I was having another boy! lol

Take care of yourself!

ilovejack34 said...

hope your feeling better Andie. I have tagged you :).

Kathy said...

Hope your feeling better soon hun, awww and congrats on baby.

Hugs xxxxx

sugardoll said...

Ouch! Don't you just hate them vampires for taking your blood LOL. I don't mind it so much everytime they do, the problem with me is that my arm is so small that they have a hard time finding the right vien, so they sometimes have to stab 2-3 times to get it right.

I also hate the glucose test, have you done that yet? They make you starve ack!! And you know how we get so hungry when we are preggy. The flat soda taste kind gross too. LOL

((hugs)) hope you are all better.

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