Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I didn't post progress for last week, I was working on a round robin and will work on it a little more before I show it and send it on.

For the last few days of the month I worked on Blackwork Dragon, I am doing this for my sister. I have never done blackwork before and I guess technically this isn't either lol. I am stitching on Black monaco using a variegated anchor thread. Not a good picture.

October 1st 08

Here are two of my sweeties :D

1st October 08

Bethany and her Daddy playing on the floor, Bethany is blowing raspberries :D

Today Bethany said her first word. Dad! The traitor :D




Tama said...

Your blackwork and your Bethany are both beautiful.
ooo, alliteration!
really, I love your Dragon. I'll have to see if can't get that pattern... ^^

Ginnie said...

Your dragon is looking good.
Cute picture of 2 of your sweeties!!!

Tracy said...

oooo...that dragon looks GREAT! Love the pic of your two cuties! ;)

sugardoll said...

Love your dragon.

The Beth and dad pic is so precious! Love it!

StitchCat said...

Fantastic stitching Andie and lovely phot of Bethany & Mike :)

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