Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just wanted to let you

know that I'm still alive...... just getting a bit knocked around with morning sickness. I got some sea bands yesterday and I think they are working, have just looked up the positioning online and I think I have it more worked out now, so hopefully!

I have done no stitching in a week, I started little Miss A and then stopped as I decided the fabric was wrong and her dress was blending in too much, then I started Iris and I'm not sure on that fabric either, I think I'll pull them both and start again later :D So its a good time to finish off wip's and not risk picking a fabric lol, picking an ick fabric isn't usually a problem for me.

Hope you are all well, I have had a quick look at a few blogs but have had no energy to comment but hopefully I will catch up soon

*big hugs*



Tracy said...

Andie, I can't imagine being preg again. I only have two children (16 and 12) and I'm exhausted all the time. You must be a supermom! Take care of yourself & your beautiful family!


Lauralness said...

Oh no, I hope the sea bands start working for you soon :(

Mel said...

I hope you feel better soon.
Take care

loulee1 said...

Try nibbling on a ginger biscuit, they are reputed to help ease morning sickness.
Hope you feel better soon.

Chiloe said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!

You are right: you are very good at picking fabrics ;-) Always the right choice !!!

Maxine said...

Hope your morning sickness starts to ease off soon, make sure you take things easy and I hope you get back to your stitching soon :)

Rachel said...

Youve been tagged. Stop by my blog and find out more :o)


Tanja said...

Andie, do you think that a pregnancy can cause color blindness? :-)

Just a few more weeks, and then hopefully the morning sickness will be gone, and the good months of carrying a baby will come. Take good care of yourself, take time to rest!

Hugs from overseas,

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