Friday, January 09, 2009

Who is screaming?

In answer to your question... Which pattern is screaming at me? Well they are ganging up on me actually!

Petal Fairy
Feather Fairy
Bluebeards Princess (although I need those darn waterlillies)
and Fairy Roses (but am waiting on the chart) so she can scream all she likes

And if I was silly enough to look thru my patterns at the moment a whole heap more would start too :D




Tracy said...

lol, my WIPs are all screaming at me. Now that I'm feeling a little bit better, I'm going to start working on them again. Hopefully I will have enough time, school starts back up on Monday.


Tanja said...

They can scream all they want, but I promised myself to finish one of my projects first before I can start another one. I have so many that are almost finished!
But uhh.. I'd love to do a fairy!


Chiloe said...

These patterns are so mean to you: send them over to me so they stop bothering you !!! lol

Jenny said...

Hmmm... I vote Petal Fairy gets attention first. :)

Anonymous said...

I think these WIP's and kitted up charts get restless and the jitters at this time of year as they seem to be screaming at a lot of us right now. Don't listen to them! LOL

Colours of the Outback said...

mmm, hard decision. But I will look forward to a WIP pic!

Anonymous said...

You've wanted to do Fairy Roses for awhile now and remember you putting up a pic last year with the perfect fabric. So I say Fairy Roses. I'd like to see Enchanted and Holly finished though. Lynne

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