Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday month

Well this month there are 3 birthdays....

Tarissa was on Monday, poor girl was sick so she didn't have the best day. She turned 13.

Today is Gabrielles... she turns 6 :D I stitched them both a picture (as requested) Gabrielle managed to break the glass in her frame this morning.... she had had it for about an hour. Oh well........

Here is Enchanted Dreamer. I have also worked on my rr but not enough to post a picture yet.

March 17th 09

My mum is away for a month, first to look after my sisters children while they are down here house hunting and then just to visit. I miss her heaps!



p.s Enchanted Fabrics is having a wee stitching competition so if you have a wip on an EF fabbie go signup :D


Kathy said...

Wow that looks great hun, looking forward to seeing more.

Hapy birthday to Tarissa and Gabrielle hop they both had a great day.

Hope Tarissa feels better soon hun.

Ooooo I have a HD on Enchanted Fabby I may send it in for her to show off.


Kim B said...

What a busy birthday month! Enchanted Dreamer looks great!

Tammy said...

That is beautiful!

stitchinfiend said...

Enchanted Dreamer is so pretty on that fabric. Poor Gabrielle I bet she was upset at breaking the glass.

Lauralness said...

Happy Birthday to the girls!!

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