Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dawn the dreaded

Wasn't too bad this time :D probably cause of all the frogging on Little Miss Froggy D

I completed her bottom left (to me) wing :D Slow progress but at least I'm working on her.

March 25th 09 003

I'm not sure how good the colours are, I'm using Mikes laptop today, much easier and quicker than my old clunker!

My sister and her husband return home to the North Island today, they have bought a house and will be her mid to late May :D yay!

Poor Bethany is sick. I had a real hard time getting her into the drs today, I nearly had to beg! And I called as soon as they opened. I feel really sorry for the receptionist! Timaru has such a huge shortage of drs its ridiculous! So if you know any drs who want a change tell them to move here :D




stitchinfiend said...

That is looking stunning. Sorry to hear Bethany is sick. My DD lands in NZ soon - just a refulling stop before they head to South America.

Kim B said...

She's beautiful :)

I hope Bethany feels better soon!

Shellie said...

Dawn is stunning. Sorry to hear Bethany is poorly hope she is better very soon
Happy stitching

Cheryl said...

Pretty stitching! I hope Bethany gets better soon

Jenny said...

She is really pretty - I just love those wings. They might be a pain, but they shimmer right through my PC screen. :)

陳冠希Easaon said...

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