Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time for updates :D

Here is the latest UFO I worked on. I sent on Monday :D This UFOrr seems to have taken forever! I have one more project to work on then I'm done :D I hope it arrives soon so I can get at least 20 hours in before baby comes!

Oops I can't find a before photo....

Life in the trees as I sent

But you can see a before photo in Laurals blog (I mostly stitched the top left green)

And here is CDT for Wade again. I know I just showed you a picture but its driving me nuts this OAAT, I don't know how people do OAAT they must be amazing! So I am going back to my rotation (haha)

May 27th 09

I have just over 2 pages to go, but since I have done most of the outlines already I will say just under 2 pages :D




Kim B said...

The UFOrr is amazing! What a great RR idea! And CDT is lookin'good!

Zeb said...

CDT is coming along nicely!
That UFOrr is HUGE, EEK!

Ginnie said...

What a big project... looks great. CDT coming along really well too.

Mel said...

Wow, the forest project looks very intensive and is stitching up nicely.
I agree with you, I find it hard to stitch the same colour for too long, but your OAAT is looking great.

Gaynor said...

They look great. Very pretty!

Tammy said...

Those look fantastic!

Kathy said...

WOW I love the UFO rr, its gorgeous. What is it called I will have to add it to my wish lsit, I just love birds.

You CDT is stunning hun, I love the colour your using.

Hugs xxxxxx

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