Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Me Again

with a Generosity Happy Dance :D

Its pretty sad that the poor thing was languishing all those years when a couple of hours finished it!


Generosity by The Drawn Thread

I didn't have the specified Needle Necessities thread when I started so did the DMC alternative.... except I didn't have the exact colour needed so used a dmc up (or down) so my snow and snowmen.... and sheep look a little pink, but its cute and the kids all thought it was great :D I used a krenik braid for the snowflakes.

Thanks for stopping by again




Zeb said...

Very cute! Wish I could see it in natural light to pick out the colours but it's gorgeous regardless!

I love many of the designs by The Drawn Thread, and am waiting for the silk pack to arrive for 'Random Thoughts' at my local lns.

Chiloe said...

Only a couple of hours? What a shame !!! lol See I need more time on my fuchsias that's why I can keep it aside and start something new !!! lol

Chiloe said...

What about baby number 6? Still happy in the womb? :-D

Jo said...

we all have a WIp/UFO like that somewhere I'm sure!!

It's very cute and I love the sentiment

Ginnie said...

It looks great, glad you were able to finish it off so quickly.

Mel said...

So glad you were able to get it finished.

Kim B said...

It's great! I love the little verse! Congrats :)

Gaynor said...

Aw lovely. I love sheep anyway, and must get round to doing some of my own lol

Lauralness said...

Great finish!!

Kathy said...

What a gorgeous finish hun, I just love it.

Congrats no your HD, hope your ok hun. Take care

Hugs xxxxx

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