Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well what to say?

Life has bee busy but not very interesting....

Aliyah is now just over 5 weeks and weighs 10pds 2

Here is a photo taken at 4 weeks

4 weeks

Shes is a bit harder work tha the others were but I am sure we will get there in the end :)

Mike and I are hanging out fornight shift to finish at the end of September, we will never do it again!

All the kids are back at school again and for once I'm relieved!

In stitching I have managed to fill in a few triangles on CDT, but nothing worth sharing.

Well thats it I guess.... until next time when I hopefully have something interesting to share :)




Siobhan said...

Your daughter is adorable!

Chiloe said...

She's a cutie !!! Does she have blue eyes?

We had to carry Steb until almost midnight every day until he was 4 months old. It was sooooooooo exhausting .... :-( But like you said, we always get there in the end (like not going to carry them at 18 yo !!! lol)

Deb said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Each child is different from the next - my son had colic that lasted from 8 in the morning until sometimes 1 a.m. the following morning - 18 hours of crying. DH made a lot of trips thru the Taco Bell drive through with the screaming son in the car! Then my daughter barely wimpered. They are all so different!!

Anonymous said...

what a sweetie! hang in there!

loulee said...

She is adorable.

Kim B said...

Oh Andie! She's beautiful! When DD was a newborn a few months ago and would keep me up all night, I would kiss her precious little cheeks when I would start feeling exhausted and frustrated. That took me to a better place and I could focus more on the sweet gift in front of me than my yearning for precious sleep :)

StitchCat said...

Andie, what a beautiful photo. Aliyah is gorgeous. Hope things are starting to get a bit easier for you.
Maggie xx

Katrina in NZ said...

Hi ya, have sent you an email about the quilt - let me know if you haven't received it :)


Tammy said...

The baby is just adorable!

venus said...

I so enjoyed my visit to your blog...Enjoy every minute of your life. your daughter is very cute...god bless her..

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Lhassa said...

Un bien joli bébé, ma petite fille a le même prénom mais avec 2 L

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