Monday, November 15, 2010

End of the year

Well the end of the year is coming up fast!

I thought I would look and see if I set goals this year... I did! But there is no way I will be finished them lol

In January I said:

I have 4 that aren't gifts that I am choosing to get finished this year... hopefully first lol

Venetian Opulence
Butterfly -Day

Gifts needing to be finished this year are: only CDC and Bluebell have a time limit really.

CDC for Christian
Letter G
Letter T

So what was done?

CDC for Christian
and Bluebell

I am going to set goals again for 2011, in fact I'm going to start on a list soon (I love lists lol) Why am I bothering you wonder? Well to start with I like lists lol and second, the way I stitch seems to have evolved from a rotation free for all to *fingers crossed* OAATing. So I have quite a few wips I want to finish, stockings to be made for everyone except Mike and a few new starts so I don't get bored.

So I need to figure out how long an average Mirabilia will take me so I can work out how many projects to choose for the year :D




Joysze said...

*giggle* I like lists too. Darnest thing is... I can never keep tabs on it, but it sure is fun thinking them up... and planning for them. ;)

Lesleyanne said...

I like lists too. Never hurts to put things down. With my memory it certainly helps lol.

Rachel said...

I love lists! I just need to learn how to keep my lists organized, lol! I have found myself going from rotations to OAAT stitching as well. It has made for quite a few finishes over the last year! I am proud of myself :)

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