Monday, December 13, 2010

Check this out!

I ran across a newish designer the other day.

Cross Stitching Art

I really like what she has so far, she has previews of them designed but not stitched and on her blog she has the pieces stitched and being stitched. If I did them I would change the flesh backstitch colour (from what I see on the Water one)

Anyway check them out and let me know your opinion :D




Lesleyanne said...

They are gorgeous designs.

ana~stitch said...

I like Queen of Water and the Christmas design. I'd like to see more stitched first tho.

Charbsandthebumpydog said...

I love the dress on the Christmas one, but I don't think she will drop any of my miras down the list of waiting projects. Water queen doesn't match earth and fire which is sad as we can't make a lovely set :-( But I might change my mind when I see a couple stitched.

Wendy said...

they looks a lot like passione ricamo to me.
or am I the only one who sees that ?

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