Saturday, January 08, 2011

South Seas Mermaid

is my Mermaid for the Mirabilia Stitchers board :D

Here are two pictures of her for you :D

7th Jan 2011

7th Jan 2011 number 2

I am stitching her on Polstitches Mythical Mermaid 28ct Jobelan (gorgeous fabby wish it was made in an opal!)

Unfortunately yuku is being mean to me and won't let me on the boards! Its driving me N U T S!! I tried from my Mums computer and it won't let her on either, so I don't know what it is but its not my computer. I can get on every other website!!

Back to my Mira RR outline and square now :D




Wendy said...

she looks great, love the fabric, a shame we can´t get that over here !

valerie said...

She looks beautiful Andie!

geeky Heather said...

She is gorgeous!!

Fiona said...

sounds like the website might be having issues, hope u can get on there soon :) south seas mermaid is looking lovely so far :)

Terri said...

She's beautiful and the fabric is perfect

Lesleyanne said...

Stunning progress. Lovely fabric.

Joysze said...

She's gorgeous, Andie!! I love how her colors are playing off on your new sidebars. :D

Chiloe said...

It's so beautiful !!! I love ( once again ) the fabric you picked ;-)

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