Thursday, February 03, 2011

All over the place

Well my stitching seems to be all over the place at the moment... but its not stressing me out yet :D

Here is SSM as I left her yesterday afternoon

Nearly 4 weeks

My kit for Winter Watergarden arrived in yesterdays mail, so I got started on it last night after putting the last few stitches in my RR border. Part 2 was just released and I would like to try and catch up :D

Here is my Mira RR, all ready to send out later on in the month

Mine ready to send

The new school year has just started here and it was Christians first day of High School so here is his first day photo :D



I also managed to get one of Wade, not an easy thing to do.


This was the day before school went back for him so he looks real scruffy... I watched him from the kitchen the next morning, I could see him in the bathroom mirror, having a shave.... my wee baby sure has grown up!

Here also is Bethany


And this is how I usually see Aliyah..... clinging to my leg, especially when Mike is away for work (which he is now)



Well I hope you don't have picture overload!

*big hugs*



Pauline said...

Either SSM stitches up really quickly, or you've been putting in some serious time working on her!

Does Christian have to wear a blazer or is it optional? My Nicholas started high school on Monday, is was 42c, so he was in school shorts and school polo top. His school uniform has a casual look or a more formal look with the shirt, tie and blazer, and either version can be worn.

Andie, you have such good looking kids!

Tracy said...

SSM is looking lovely! You are the fastest stitcher I've ever "met"!!

My oldest graduates from high school this summer and my youngest starts high school in the fall. It's very exciting to see your kids grow up!

Charbsandthebumpydog said...

I still have my old school blazer, my Mum threw it out just before Christmas and I was SO upset she went to the dump and found it after two hours of searching through rubbish. Never throw away your kids old school blazers!!

Glad your WWG has arrived, I've just started part 2. I'm sure you will catch up very quickly. What's in the kit instead of the Marlit?

ana~stitch said...

Andie, SSM looks awesome, and so do your kids!!

Julie said...

your RR is going to be lovely.
Great pics of your family

Joysze said...

What great pics of the kids, Andie. Thanks for sharing your precious ones with us.

Winter Watergarden.... YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your first WIP. :D

Miras are looking so beautifulas well.

Terri said...

Great stitching. Your kids are wonderful Andie.
I am with Joysze on cannot wait to see your first wip with WW

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the "top of the head" photo! When the large boy was a baby he used to spend so long latched on feeding I became worried I would only recognise him from the side of his head as that was the usual view of him!!

Uniform-wise our lot wear polo shirts and sweatshirts. When I was a lass (in the '70s) they were just grateful we turned up at all and there wasn't a dress code! Halterneck tops and "lurid and provocative" slogans were banned but anything else went!

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