Thursday, May 05, 2011

Royal Weddings and such

WEll I'm a bit late but its fun anyway :D

This came from Pauline and I have basically just copied her post :D And filled in my answers :D

What's your Royal Wedding Name and which Tiara will you be wearing?

Well, I'm still waiting for my invitation to arrive! Then I found out last night that the invitations have all been sent to our Royal Wedding Names, along with just our country and that's why they haven't arrived. So, go the post office and see if your invitation is waiting there for you in your Royal Wedding Name.

So what's our Royal Wedding Name, I hear you ask? It's quite simple really...

1. Choose between Lady or Lord

2. Take the name of the oldest relative (of the same sex) you know about.(go back as far as you can)

3. Take the name of the first pet you owned. And then hyphenate it with -

4. The name of the first street you lived on.

Easy peasy!

So, my invitation went to.... drum roll please...

Lady Mary-Alyssa Galloway
(Very posh sounding, isn't it?)

So I went down to the post office and there it was! UNFORTUNATELY I've missed the wedding! *gasp* luckily I watched it on the tele :D

I've picked my favourite Tiara out, I'm hoping they don't think I'm a snob and I get an invite to Harrys (hasn't he grown up cute?!) - what do you think?

You may recognize it I got it from Sarah ;)

Changed my mind.... think I'll wear this one instead lol




Pauline said...

Well, Lady Mary-Alyssa Galloway, you certainly missed a good knees-up! Lord Clement Puddles-Torrens and I had a royal good time, although waiting in that massive cold church was a tad boring, but we had good seats up the front. Did you see me waving to the to cameras? My tiara was sparkling and so were my jewels, and I think they outshone the relatives'!

Good choice of tiara, and certainly a grand idea to have another out of the vault as one never knows if one needs a backup!

Lady Adelaide Jeffrey-Allen (who is thinking of changing her name)

PS- I loved watching it on tv, watched from the start of the broadcast until the kiss (the second one!). Missed most of the royals arriving due to the news being broadcast at that time :( A memorable time in history!

Rachel said...

That's really cute. My name isn't very royal sounding - Lady Emma Scooter-Route 14!! HAHA!!!

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