Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Winter Watergarden Part one


Minus beads/treasures etc

I found I needed to print both the black and white and colour charts. The black and white for the cross stitch symbols and the colour so I could see the back stitch. I also discovered (after they were done and after I had stared very hard at other peoples lol) that the colour chart made it easier to work out which specialty stitch was which :D

Well here it is :D

Part one complete

I'm trying to decide whether to bead each part as I go or wait til the end...... what do you do with your Chat's?




Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress.

Ineke said...

it is beautiful!
I bead each part and cover it up with quilt batting when that part is on the scroll rods.

Charbsandthebumpydog said...

I'm beading mine at the end as I have it on Q's rather than a scroll frame. I satisfy my longing to see it with beads by oggling Inekes! Strangely I found it easier to see the symboles on the colour and the BS on the B/W. Thank goodness we get both :-) Your part 1 is lovely, are you moving straight onto part 2 now? You finished up Part 1 so quick.

Charbsandthebumpydog said...

Andie, I looked at your pictures, did you check the outline around the silver rhodes in the corners of the 'snowflake' I think in the written instructions it said they were back stitched but I can't remember the colour. xxx

Rachel said...

It's so pretty! I just got myself some homemade 29 inch scroll rods, so I am going to be putting my Chinese Mandala on that pretty soon, and I think I will go ahead and start beading. With the q-snaps I worry too much about breaking the beads.

I usually hate color charts, but I have found with the Chatelaine's, the color chart is much easier for me to follow, and I don't even need to highlight what I've already stitched! They help with backstitching immensely too. From now on, if I see a Chatelaine that I want, I am not waiting for the chartpack!!!

wendy111 said...

Hi Andie, I use scroll rods and bead as I go. I cover the area that gets rolled up with quilt batting just like Ineke. They look pretty and I don't really want to sew them all on at the end.

I love your start of WWG also.

Deb said...

It looks wonderful. I bead as I go too. I, like Wendy above, use quilt batt and those bead sink into the batting with no harm done. I've always hated going back and beading so I do it as I go.

Joysze said...

It looks fabulous, Andie!!! :D I agree with you about the b&w and color charts. The only thing I dislike about the color is that they usually print out shiny and so there is a glare to them.

I bead at the very end. I usually get into a beading groove, and that goes really quickly.

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