Saturday, June 04, 2011

Early birthday Pressie :D

My friend Lynne (no blog) sent me a birthday present :D  Lynne knows me well and said I could open it when it arrived.... I managed to hang out a few days before I couldn't stand it anymore lol

Here it is :D

Lovely Lynne sent me a gorgeous card, 3 pieces of fabric for stocking, a lovely piece of hand dyed fabric from Polstitches and a yummy block of choccie :D  Thank you very much Lynne *hugs*



Kathy said...

Oooooooo lovely pressie hun, enjoy the choccie.

Hugs xxxxx

Rachel said...

What a lovely birthday present!! :) The polstitches fabric looks like it will be a gorgeous one...But then again, it looks purple to me and purple is my favorite color!! :) Enjoy your chocolate, looks yummy! :)

Joysze said...

Whooooo!!! Look at all those goodies! Have you finished your choccies yet? ;)

Pauline said...

Which is yummier- the fabric or the choccie? Hard to decide!

Happy birthday when it comes around!

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