Saturday, March 03, 2012


Well I've been a bit awol haven't I?!

I didn't finish part 8 of Winter Watergarden yet (I have the gates to fill in arrggghhhh!) But I stitched Part 9 and started Part 10 :D

Here also is my latest update on Deepest Love.  I just have the end of her tail to go :D

Sorry about all the wrinkles!

I also started Sunflower Fairy.  This is for Gabrielles upcoming 9th birthday.  I am stitching Sunny on 28count opal lugana from Colours of the Outback.  This is one of Mels experimental fabrics.  She is just starting up and has really reasonable prices.  You can find her on Facebook or Blogger, I imagine googling the name should bring her up :D

As you can see this is a really pretty fabric!

I have put Deep Blue Sea away for the moment.  I have a bit of a delimma and am not sure what to do with it.  When I have decided I will pull it out again :D

Thanks for stopping by today.

Please comment if you did :D




Kathy A. said...

Great progress Andie. I hope you issues with Deep Blue Sea sort themselves out quickly.

Karen said...

WWG is stunning. (I love the gates! Can't wait to see them finished.)

Sunny is going to look fabulous on your Colours fabby.

So close to finishing DL, yippee! I love the fabby there, too. What is it?

Hope you figure out Deep Blue Sea soon. I love seeing the wip pix.

Happy stitching!

Reaper said...

Very gorgeous fabric for the sunflower fairy! Your other projects are coming along wonderfully, great job :-)

Lesleyanne said...

Your projects are looking gorgeous. Love the new start and fabric.

Jo said...

Lovely stitching - and yes, that fabric is beautiful!

Rachel said...

Everything looks wonderful, Andie! I love the fabric you are using for Sunflower Fairy. :)

Oh no! What's going on with DBS?? I hope nothing too bad, and it's more like something with me...just got sick of it, lol. I still haven't got past the part 1 backstitching!

demeter83 said...

They're all looking gorgeous, and that fabric is beautiful

Anonymous said...


just visiting your blog.

All your WIP's are looking beautiful.

The fabby for the Sunflower Fairy is lovely!

Anne said...

Winter Watergarden is stunning!! Love this Chatelaine!! What gorgeous fabric you chose for Sunflower!! Can't wait to see more!!

Melanie said...

Such beautiful WIPs; can't wait to see the finishes!

Valentina said...

All your wips are just lovely! Can't wait to see more of all of them!

Lisa M said...

You may have been AWOL but you sure have been stitching a lot! Winter Garden may be ready in time for our winter :) Deepest Love is almost finished - yay! I'm with you in that I never really liked it compared to the other mermaids however I have a habit for changing my mind with mirabilia's! Anyhoo glad you like it now :)

Blu said...

They all look gorgeous! Hope the DBS issues get sorted out.

Joysze said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE WW, Andie!! The birdies are darling. :D

Yeah!!! on DL!!! Almost there and what an accomplishment she's going to be.

Glad you've made a decision about DBS. I'd have done the same too. :D

Sunflower pops so beautifully against that fabbie!! Can't wait to see more.

Veronica said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous stitching, Andie. Winter Watergarden is stunning as is Deepest Love. Love the fabrics you've chosen for each of these designs. Hope the problems you're having with Deep Blue Sea will be resolved soon.


geeky Heather said...

Lovely stitching! =)

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