Saturday, August 18, 2012

PR Mystery SAL

Part Two

Minus beads and inner border :D

I am using the kreinik conversion :D

I stitched a little on Enchanted Dreamer, but she just wasn't doing it for me :D  So now that I have finished Part Two I have pulled out Deep Blue Sea, I have barely started Part Four.




Lesleyanne said...

Great new start.

demeter83 said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous Andie, I can't believe how far ahead of me everyone seems to be!

Kathy said...

Looking gorgeous Andie

Hugs xxxx

Kathy A. said...

PR???? and all in Kreinik?

Good heavens

Karen said...

Looks so pretty, Andie!

I've only gotten in a couple of scrolls on part two. I'm in a panic to finish some RRs, so no SAL for me right now. I spent too much time being naughty and starting my RAK project. (see my blog)

Yours is moving along wonderfully, and the Kreiniks look, to me, almost identical to the PTB. Lovely!

Anonymous said...


It looks lovely!
Happy stitching.

Anonymous said...

Looking good! I haven't started her yet...I'm waiting till there is a bit more of her so I can really get my teeth into it. Like you, I'm pretty sure I'm going to stitch her without the blue background.

By the way, the captchas that are coming up on your verification are really hard to decipher - I needed numerous attempts to get it right!

I declare

  2018 to be the year of Chatelaine I'm finishing off 2017 with Deep Blue Sea And starting off 2018 with a new start sal with my bestie ...