Thursday, August 16, 2012

PR SAL and

An Enchanted Dreamer update

Well I stitched the border for part one and part two of the Mystery SAL.  I will do some more during the Love for SALs PR sal :D

The fabric is Polstitches Colourful Clouds 32 count Jobelan

I am not planning to stitch the blue background :D

Next up is Enchanted Dreamer :D

This is my before photo:

March 17th 09

Its a bit blurry, sorry!

This is my update on her

I have a little more done on her, I tried to upload these pics the other day but my computer is dying and was unco-operative.

I will stitch on her for two more days before I go back to the PR and finish parts one and two.  I am not sure yet about the inside border.... I might swap out those beads on it for some kreinik.... not sure what colour yet..... I might leave it and see how the inside looks :D



P.S Have you all seen the new Mira?!!!



Karen said...

Seen the new Mira. Love the new Mira.

Dreamer looks so dreamy. hee hee
You probably said before, but remind me what fabric?

PR SAL looks great! I think you're a little farther along than I. I'm considering doing a Waterlilies on the inside border/frame. Not sure yet.

Mangogirl said...

Beautiful stitching. I love your pieces

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Both are looking fab hun. Congrats on finishing Winter Watergarden it's stunning

Hugs xxxxxx

Karen said...

LOVE the border on the PR - I look forward to seeing more, especially if you are leaving the blue background off! Dreamer looks wonderful - and much better with her face (I have leaving faces undone any longer than necessary ):)

♥ Nia said...

Both beautiful starts! Looking for to see your progress :)
Have a great weekend!! :D

Joysze said...

Andie.... she's stunning!!!!! :D

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