Friday, December 07, 2012

I'm late, I'm late....

For a very important post :D

Yes I did watch Alice in Wonderland this week.

My sons Year 10 High School drama class put on Alice in Wonderland, although I don't enjoy this particular tale I did very much enjoy their performance :D  Christian played the Frog Prince

Here is a picture of him and one of his good friends who played Alice:

I stole this pic from his Facebook page :D

Christian had his last day of school for the year and finished up year 10. He had prizegiving today and recieved First in Class Physical Education, First overall Physical Education and a special award, a trophy for his achievements in Physical Education :D He was pretty happy and as always I am very proud of him :D

As previously promised, here is my pic of the finished stocking for Nathan.... well not finished, finished but stitching finished.  I have three to make up but I am just waiting on the charms for two others and then I will make them all up together :D


Tarissa said something hilarious about this!  She said, Mum theres something wrong with your picture it goes out more to one side.  I laughed a lot and then reminded her that it was a stocking and so would be boot shaped lol

I finally finished the frame for my Mirabilia RR - large stitch for 2013.  I have chosen the theme Dreamers, the frames seemed to take me forever to stitch and I am not going to get to stitch my square (rectangle) before it gets posted in January, but I adore it, I think its going to be very pretty when done.

Although my lines look wonky in the pic they are all even :D  I am putting in the spaces, Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Princess, The Dreamer and Lilly of the Woods :D

I am filling in my time while I wait finishing off Letter R (for Tarissa) I imagine it will only take a couple of days, there isn't much stitching left to finish and then its just backstitch and beads, although I imagine I will back stitch and bead the top and then roll up my scrolls and finish off the bottom.

Now you may be wondering.... while I wait til what?!  Well my news that I mentioned last post is that...... I have been asked to try my hand at model stitching!!!  I am so excited!!  I can't wait to start!!!  I sure hope that the designer is happy with my stitching and I get more from her to do :D 

Well thats it from me :D




Lisa M said...

Congratulations :) you will be a great model stitcher everything you do is so pretty and incredibly quick!

Camila Lino Lanigan said...

Congratulations on your news.
Your box looks lovely, as the other projects.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love your big bed for the RR, perfect!!

I also love Alice, it'd be great to see a school production.

Congrats on the model stitching. I did think about doing it before but then my RRs took over my time LOL.

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