Wednesday, July 20, 2016

4 Finishes

I tried to post this a few weeks ago but accidentally put it in the wrong blog so deleted it and didn't have the energy to try again lol

I'm back stitching!!  Yay!!

I've even had a few finishes :)

In Love - Cross Stitching Art Designs

On Rockabye 28count Opal Jazlyn

Silver Dragonfly - Mirabilia

Fairy Letter M for my Mum (Maureen)

Stitched on Whimsical Winter 28ct opal Lugana from Under the Seas Fabrics

And Finally Mermaid Letter M for my sister (Megan)
On the other half of the whimsical winter piece

At the moment I'm stitching to quite a large rotation but with a focus piece.

My focus piece is Audrey - Cross Stitching Art Designs

All the stitching is now done, I just need to finish the beading (I'm waiting on beads)

I've also stitched on Merchant Mermaid (but not much, I struggled a bit with this piece)

Before ⬆️
After ⬇️

Something is better than nothing I guess

This week I am stitching on Summer Mystery - Chatelaine

Here's my before pic




loulee said...

Long time no see. Lots of lovely stitches here. xx

Marilyn said...

Wow, you've been busy!
Those are some great finishes.
Can't wait to see Audrey with the beads.

phann son said...

You stitching is beautiful. Hope you work out how to manage it best for your health. Everyone is different unfortunately.


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