Monday, March 31, 2014


I pulled out Millie to stitch on last week, here's how she looks today :)



Sunday, November 17, 2013

I've missed blogging!

I was thinking just the other day how much I had missed blogging!  I thought it was about time I got back to it :D

We bought a nice lap top to replace out very dead, unusable personal computer.  And although I am not a huge fan of laptops, I must admit this one isn't too bad and serves our needs :D

Well what have I been up to?!

This week I have been stitching on Siren of the Deep from Cross Stitching Art - I'm stitching her on Chesapeake Bay - opal linen from Under the Sea Fabrics.

I've been struggling with my mojo lately so haven't done much really, hopefully it will come right soon.

Before this I stitched a model for Cross Stitching Art

Its absolutely beautiful and I didn't want to send it back!  :D

Celine the Winter Fairy

I'm moving onto a new piece to stitch now :D  I'm hoping it will kick start that sporadic mojo!

I'm starting Sirens Song Mermaid - Mirabilia - pictures hopefully sooner rather than later :D



Sunday, July 07, 2013

Queen Mermaid Update

Well there's not much to see really, my mojo has been seriously lacking.... In fact I've had lots of problems with it this year.

Here's my pic though

Hopefully next time I stitch on her I will do better!

Moving onto Gabrielle's Lady of the Mist now :)



Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day and Night Fairies

Here is a pic of the last model I stitched for Tatiana at Cross Stitching Art :)

I hope you think they are as pretty as I do :)

This is the official photo, I have some I took but this is more accurate :)



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No stitching this week

I've been in a bit of a slump, not helped by being overtired :(

I do have a picture to show you though, this is the latest design from Cross Stitching Art (this is not the model I stitched, that will be out either at the end of this week or beginning of next)

Rainy Day Stroll

I love just about everything about this design!  I love her dress, I love the dog, I love the street lights and especially the way the reflect in the wet on the ground, I love the brolly - although it's possible I might change the colour of it when I stitch this, although I probably won't.  I have discovered with Tatiana's designs that the colours really do work and are so interesting.

I plan to stitch her on a rainy day coloured fabric, a grey or greyey blue or maybe a dark stormy blue... I will have to see what I have closer to the time.

I should have a Queen Mermaid update for you in a few days :)



Friday, June 21, 2013

The Bad Blogger Award

Goes to me!!  :)

Although I just found the app for my iPhone, that my awesome family got me for my birthday :)

I have stitched quite a bit :)

I finished (except for 4 beads) my section on Julie's round robin.

My section 

The whole piece

This is an absolutely gorgeous piece!

I am rotating at the moment and just finished a slot on Rose Fairy (Cross Stitching Art)


I had done a bit more than this


I have now picked up Queen Mermaid.

Tatiana is working her magic and getting the chart ready then I can show you the last model I stitched.

Well this app seems pretty easy to use so I'm sure to see you again soon!

Saturday, June 01, 2013


and the Shipwreck told me she needed to be started...........

I started stitching on the RR piece but I needed some kreinik so I ordered that and started Siren.
I decided to start a 10 hour rotation again and I am finding it quite inspiring :D
The kreinik arrived just in time yesterday to get back to the RR piece today :D



Monday, May 20, 2013

Septembers Sapphire Fairy

Started - ?

Finished - 20th May 2013

Stitched on 28count Jobelan "Spring" from Polstitches




Thursday, May 16, 2013

Saphys Return

Well I am torturing myself on my DH's netbook, our personal computer is pretty dead :(  I have mostly been using my phone for the internet lately :(

Well guess what?!  I decided to pull out a wip to stitch on, I chose Septembers Sapphire Fairy :D

I wasn't sure if I had a before pic so snapped this quick one

As you can see not the best pic, but you get the idea

This is as of today :D

I hope you can tell I got a heap done :D  Including most of that beading!

I'm hoping for a Happy Dance by this time next week :D

After Saphy is done I am going to stitch my part on Julies RR, then I intend to rotate weekly between two pieces, an obligation piece and a current wip of my own :D  Joyce must be being a bad influence, getting these wips done!  lol

I am waiting for Tatiana to recieve and release the model I recently did for her and then I will share that gorgeous beauty with you!

Aliyah has returned to kindy, after a term off.  She cries and screams when I leave but they tell me she settles quickly and when I pick her up she tells me how wonderful it was!  I feel so bad leaving her though!  *sigh*

I hurt my back again this week :(  Its not very pleasant but does mean I get lots of stitching done, especially with the munchkin at kindy in the mornings.

Tarissa attended her Year 13 ball on the weekend.  She planned and paid for everything herself and I was very proud of her, I think she looked fantastic!

Here are a couple of pics

This is Tarissa and her boyfriend Nathan (taken at Nates house)

Here is Tarissa, me and Nathan - I wouldn't normally put up a pic of me but what the heck!!
There are some better ones by the professional photographer but I can't find the one I wanted lol

Hope your all good!



Tuesday, May 07, 2013


I've been trying to comment on blogs, but the verification code just does not want to co operate, Hi and sorry to all those who have it :(
I hope I don't.... I think I need to check :D

Well I finished the model, its gorgeous!  I wish I could keep it!  lol

I am trying to decide if I should have a new start as a reward OR, behave and stitch on a wip OR be even better and stitch on an obligation piece OR be really really good and stitch on the RR I have here to be done.

I must admit I am feeling a little down trying to decide roflol

Aliyah started her new kindy today!!!  Whoop whoop!  I got nearly 2 hours to myself!  So I got the groceries and got dinner started in the crockpot as well as putting the last few beads in the model :D

No pics today but hopefully soon..... well as soon as I can decide what I am going to stitch on lol



Monday, April 22, 2013

Well what a stressful time

its been!

Tarissa has had more health problems?  I'm not sure if I told you all about the gluten issue she now has but that took several weeks to diagnoise, and then there was the gastroscopy...... she wasn't happy about that!  Then we had a week of everything being ok and THEN she found a painful lump in her breast (shes 17) so I was quietly freaking out while trying to downplay it for her.  We went to the Dr and then waited a week and a half for an appointment for a scan (which is pretty quick for here), it was decided *phew* that it was normal (don't know how thats supposed to be but anyway) but she has a follow up appointment to make sure everything is ok.

Mike has also been away quite a bit for work, and let me tell you, being a temporary single parent with six kids is not fun!  Even with some of them older, they still require me running around after them and taking them to sport practice etc.
Also, I know it sounds silly but I only get a few hours of sleep when he is away, so I end up totally exhausted!
He is away again in a week or so, so I am trying to finish up this model while he is home lol

Karen from My Stitchy Ramblings stitched her block on my Mira large stitch round robin and I absolutely LOVE it!!

I'm thinking this RR is going to look fab when it comes home :D

Here is the pic Karen shared

Karen stitched Sleeping Princess :D

Thanks for stopping by!



Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Giveaway!!!

 Karen over at My Stitchy Ramblings is really close to getting 100 followers!!!  When she does she is having a giveaway :D

So head on over and follow Karens blog, shes lovely, funny and has Hunky Fridays ;)



The progress

is pathetic, as you can see :D

Queen Mermaid

I must admit I have spent more time reading than stitching over the last week. BUT I'm getting back into it now..... although I have the materials for a model due to arrive any day lol

I'm pretty sure I promised photos of the SMF's I scored ;)

Here they are :D

Shimmering Lilac Grove - 28 count opal Cashel

Bewitched - 28 count opal Cashel

Shimmering Jellybean - 32 count opal Belfast

Ambrosia - 32 count opal Belfast

Shimmering Violets in the Shade - 32 count opal Belfast

I was also lucky enough to score to Chatelaine kits at amazing prices!!

Fairy Flower Garden - full kit


the kit for White Nights in St Petersburg, which I adore and thought I would never ever realistically be able to justify buying it :D

My Fotm arrived from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie :D

Ice Goddess - 28 count opal Cashel

A lovely friend sent me this gift

It includes a box for my beads and two Polstitches Fabrics

Lust and Laughter -  28count Opal Linen


Bali Sunset - 28 count Opal linen


My other lovely friend Mel sent me her pre loved chart Mirabilias - On Grandmas Quilt

So as you can see I have had a couple of awesome weeks for stash arrival!  I would feel guilty but.... I don't

All fabrics are fat quarters so if you have any suggestions fire away :D

I'm on a stash diet for the rest of the year, except for the fotm, I'm going to continue that for the rest of the year and then review :D  And of course if I need anything to finish something then I will purchase that.

I have a 1/8th coming from Colour Cascade Fabrics and a 1/4 coming from Under the Sea fabrics and the chart and bead pack coming for Siren and the Shipwreck... then thats it!!!  I will be VERY good :D  But only cause I want to, not cause I feel guilty :D



Monday, February 18, 2013

A few days late

But here are the pics of the fabrics my friend Cassie sent me :D

PTP - Crystal Jazz - 28ct Cashel - 18x27


SMF - Ice Pop - 28ct lugana - 18x27

These are the fabrics I am thinking of for the new Mirabilia "Siren and the Shipwreck"

Silkweaver - Solo - 32 count lugana - 18x27 (very close to Jungle Boogie)

Colours of the Outback - Sea Breeze - 28 count Opal Linen - 18 x 26

Polstitches - Taboo - 32 count opal linen - 18 x 27

Your thoughts are appreciated :D  (Although I won't get to stitch her for awhile as I have quite a few obligation pieces to get done :D)  My favourites are the first two, but I haven't got floss to do a toss yet



Friday, February 15, 2013

Back again :D

With some stitching to show!!  :D

I have just finished my part for Jo's Large Mira RR piece :D

As you can see I stitched August Peridot Fairy!  :D

I adore this fairy!

I also got a gift in the mail today!  2 pieces of fabric that my dear friend Cassie sent me, I think its a bit unfair, as I only sent her one!!  I will share a pic tomorrow :D

Also!!  Have you seen Miras new mermaid?!  You know I'm addicted to her mermaids don't you?!!

Siren and the Shipwreck

Catch you all tomorrow :D